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Cloud 9 Meditational Potpourri

Jonny Clearwater's Cloud 9 Meditational Potpourri
After trying almost all of the herbal incense and botanical blends available on the market, we found ourselves being disappointed with various shortcomings in each brand. Tired of wasting money on products that did not live up to the hype ....We knew that there had to be something out there that would provide us with the long lasting, naturally therapeutic scent we craved....So we began to think, and brainstorm, and feverishly contemplate how to get to that coveted outcome....Many late nights were spent doing research on propriety blends, leaf quality and the synergy between scent and mood....We began experimenting with the finest ingredients available made in the USA. We were working so hard that a cloud had formed around us in our relentless quest for the best.

We like to call that cloud Jonny Clearwater's Cloud 9 Meditational Potpourri.

Cloud 9
Jonny Clearwater's Cloud 9 Meditational Potpourri is handmade and held to high expectations.

We stand behind the products we make 100%...after all...we did make it for our own personal aromatherapy. Once we began sharing Cloud 9 with our closest friends we found that they kept asking us for more. Surprised with how much better our product was than the mass marketed botanical blends and herbal incenses, we became inspired to share Jonny Clearwater's Cloud 9 Meditational Potpourri with as many people as we could.

We invite you to take a trip to Cloud 9

Jonny Clearwater's Cloud 9 Meditational Potpourri is hand made in small batches to guarantee quality and consistency. All Of Our Products And Their Ingredients Are Manufactured In The U.S.

All Of Our Products Are Manufactured In Accordance With U.S. Federal Law. Our Products Do NOT Contain Any Of The Following Ingredients: JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, AM2201, Cannabicyclohexanol. Our Products Are Sold Strictly As NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, They Are For AROMATHERAPY Purposes ONLY.

Thanks for shopping with us!
We can not ship Meditational Potpourri orders to the following states: CO, IL, GA, KS, LA, MO, NE, NC, ND, OK, PA, TN, TX Any orders placed being shipped to the above states will be refunded minus a 30% restocking fee. We are also no longer shipping to AUSTRAILA.